Build you own tool to analyse the performance of your Facebook ads

You are creating Facebook ads but you don’t know which word makes the viewers click? We might have a tool that will help you to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns: a “Tagline Library”.

An easy tool to build to improve your campaign

At Potloc, we target respondents thanks to Facebook. To do so, we publish hundreds of ads each month. We had tons of data sleeping on Facebook servers, that were not used. With the help of Supermetrics, we recently created a Google Sheet, where all the campaigns can be analysed with selected key metrics (impressions, reach, cost, CTR). Choose those which best fit with your business – there are dozens in Supermetrics.
Export the data, but keep in mind that depending on the number of data you have, you might have to do several queries. Supermetrics is great tool but the query can easily fail if there are too many lines or if the time period is too long. In our case, we imported ten campaigns at a time and managed to get more than 20,000 lines of data at the end of the day. Do not forget to duplicate your sheet of raw data.
One last tip! Do not overthink this file or use multiple formula. Make it simple and improve it with time. Filters are sufficient to be able to analyse and compare campaigns, keywords, age groups, etc.,. If you do not use many formula, especially in the sheet that is used for the analysis, the document will be responsive and you will get your answers after a few seconds.

First use, first insights

After quick tests, we now know which age groups or what type of projects are the most costly for our campaigns. We also identify that a simple change in the wording in the French ads (“opinion” vs. “avis”), can bring better results.
This first step has already confirmed some of our feelings, and there is much more to do with these data.
Stay tuned for more insights and potential improvements from this tool! If you want to learn more on Supermetrics (available to extract data from Facebook Ads, but also Google Analytics, Hubspot, LinkedIn Ads, and many more) click here!