Our Ten Tips to prepare a Sales Meeting

1. Secure the place and the time of the meeting

Make sure you confirmed the location and the time of the meeting, there is no place for improvisation!

2. Spy your interlocutors

Use LinkedIn, Google and your network to gather as many information as you can on your prospects: names, job titles, missions, past experiences, reputations etc.

3. Prepare a secret list of questions

Set up an exhaustive list of questions with all the information you want to know, you can’t leave without answers! 

4. Anticipate objections and stupid questions

Look at previous exchanges you had with him or other prospects. You will surely find some obstacles there. Then prepare concrete answers!

5. Structure your meeting

Prepare a summary with the different steps of the meeting, it will help you to get where you want !

6. Go to bed early the day before

Do not follow your crazy colleagues or your single friends. After a good night, you will be much more efficient and able to perform!

7. Dress up like if it was a date

Iron your clothes, wear your lucky shirt, do your hair and brush your teeth!

8. Be positive and talkative

From the moment you meet your prospect to the time you leave the meeting, make them pass a good time. Do not forget to smile!

9. Do not hesitate to invite a stunning colleague

You feel vulnerable on some technical points, your prospects will be more than three, you need a sniper with you, ask your partner to come with you!

10. Send a follow-up email

Don’t forget to write an email after your meeting! List the hot topics discussed, set concrete next steps and thank your prospects. It will show professionalism and proactiveness!