Why Potloc?

As many of you know, I recently joined a startup Market Research company called Potloc. This is my 3rd SaaS company and my 3rd Market Research company. I am really excited to be a part of the Potloc journey and for those of you that are interested, here’s why…

If we’re not talking to people where they are, we’re not talking to the right people.

We have changed the way we communicate with each other and the MR world must adapt to that change. Here are some observations on the way communication has changed.

Gmail now splits your inbox into “Primary”, “Social”, “Promotions” and “Updates” buckets. I should probably delete all the mail in the later 3 categories, as I never read them. Do you? 

I texted my wife to ask her a quick question yesterday. She was in the same room as me! 

I use Facebook messenger to talk to most of my friends. It dates me, but that’s how we do it. 

My wife and two kids Facetime with my family. We WhatsApp with my wife’s family.

We are becoming increasingly more difficult to reach with email. We also prefer communicating on text, chat and social platforms. So why do we get surveys from companies through email? Well, most of those surveys are taken by people who sign up for survey taking they get paid for. Is that the data you want? There is a better way – the Potloc way

If you’re interested in the topic and if it’s easy to do so, you will give your opinion.

The second reason why I joined Potloc is simple – reach.  We can reach more people for insights than anyone else. Using Potloc, you can target people by location, down to a half-mile (or less!). You can also reach people by their interests. Personalizing your insight collection is paramount to collecting actionable data to make the best possible decisions. When you reach out to people and pay them for their opinions, you don’t know if you are getting results that people really care to give. 

Potloc’s way is to ensure the right people have an opportunity to share their opinion on what matters to them.

Find out more at Potloc.com, or reaching out to me! 🙂