Never think a deal is lost

I did a meeting with a director of a sport store, did a demo and he was interested by our product.
After, I did a second meeting to understand their needs and how we can help him with our solution.
The topics were more about a prospective aspect, not about their issues.
I speak about the details of our methodology, the price and he was continuing to want to work with us.

He is an important guy on his own company because the headquarter of the country is at the same place of his store so the results of our product will be read by many people.

After that, the second meeting was conclude by a meeting scheduled one week after to present him our business proposal.
I was happy of this sales cycle and confident of this sale.
It is a huge store, so with an interesting price, 9 000 euros.

However, two days before the meeting scheduled, I received an sms saying:
I took advice on your proposal.
I made the decision to postpone a probable future collaboration due to an alarming economic situation on my shop.
The stakes in terms of results are too important until the end of the year.
I would see my position at this time.
I do not question the merits of the investigation but the cost is too heavy to bear now.
Thanks for your understanding.

I tried to call him but he never respond me; I sent messages to ask him to talk 5 minutes about his decision but no answer.
So I accept at this time, the deal is lost.
But I lost a battle, not the war !

After this meeting, we worked with an other director fo the same brand but at another place and he was really happy to the insights we gave him and the results.

One month after, I decided to recall the director of the lost deal and explain him what kind of insights we gave to the other store.
Fortunately, he was previously director of the same store so he knew exactly the situation and the kind of issues of this store.
I proposed to present him the results and we did a new meeting with him.
I discuss more about the issues of the economic situation of his store and how we can respond to his questions.

I didn’t try absolutely to sell him me product but more to have his feedback on the insights we gave to the other store.
And himself, he said: I want to work with you and have responses of my questions?

We discuss details about our product and I sell him our product at 14 000 euros > I wan 3 months after the sale